Scholarship award

The Daanish Khan Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to two graduating Emerson students who reflect Daanish’s spirit and who express an interest in science or social justice, which were among Daanish’s passions. Applicants are invited to describe, in 500 words or less, a moment in which they were able to see their efforts make a difference, and to explain how their future studies will empower them to affect society on a larger scale.

2021 winner: Amanda Sallemi

2020 winners: Alexis DeSantis and Daniel Murphy

2019 winners: Joseph Giacalone and Jaiden Mason

2018 winners: Julia Botvinov and Kathryn Cambrea

2017 winners: Kassidy Manning and Hina Oryu

2016 winners: Jake Salles and Kasey Glass

2015 winners: Melissa Rock and Caitlin Degelmann

2014 winners: Omana Douce McDermott and Robbie Magiulli

2013 winners: Nicole Piccinich and Meher Tutunijian